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Is Pranayama Safe During Pregnancy?

Right diet, regular exercise and a stress-free life is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Due to rising stress levels in urban living and hectic schedules of mums, gynecologists and obstetricians largely recommend pregnant ladies to opt for yoga.

One of the most recommended yoga asana during pregnancy is the pranayama.

‘Pranayama’ is the art of yogic breathing or controlled breathing. It stresses on conscious inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide. Pranayama ensures that adequate oxygen flows through the body. This is most crucial during pregnancy, where your unborn baby completely depends on you for supply of oxygen. The correct balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide through conscious breathing makes your lungs stronger and blood pure. This helps in the healthy functioning of your body so that you can take optimum care of your baby.

While pranayama is highly recommended, it is extremely important to first check about the same with your doctor. Only after your doctor gives you the go-ahead should you practice any kind of exercise.

5 Benefits Of Pranayama For Expectant Moms:
  • 1. Pranayama increases the flow of oxygen in the body and removes carbon dioxide. This helps to detoxify your system internally.
  • 2. Pranayama during pregnancy is known to release positive hormones. These eliminate negative thoughts and bring the mind to calm and relaxed state. This is very important for would be moms and the growing baby inside.
  • 3. Pranayama makes the expectant mother conscious of controlled breathing. It is proven to aid in normal delivery as the mother is more prepared to control her breathing.
  • 4. Pranayama increases the flow of oxygen. This in turn increases blood circulation throughout the mother’s and baby’s body.
  • If required, Caesarean can be done with same tube.
  • 5. Effective pranayama session helps in enhancing the removal of toxins from both mother and child.