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Routine Investigations

Routine and special investigations:
After taking a medical history and doing a physical examination, certain tests may be necessary. This will depend on the severity of the hypertension and presence of risk factors and organ damage.

Some of the routine investigations may be:
  • a urine trip test to test for blood, protein and glucose. This gives a rough indication of kidney function and possible diabetes.
  • The possibility of pregnancy can easily be overlooked. Inform you doctor if you have any suggestive symptoms or signs. A quick urine test can confirm pregnancy.
  • Fasting blood tests can help confirm or rule out diabetes, and determine your cholesterol status.
  • The total cholesterol, LDL- & HDL- cholesterol and triglyceride levels can be tested.
  • If indicated, a full blood count and blood chemistry will be done.
  • If chest X-rays have not been done in the previous year or two, it may be ordered to evaluate the lungs and heart size. It will depend on the patient’s smoking habits and other risk factors.