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The Front Desk

All those mixed sentimentsanxiety, hope, worry heaped over you are put to rest with the assuring Welcome at our front desk. The only feeling you'll exprience is a relaxed state of mind & body.

OPD/Examination Room

The most important of decisions, solving of problems and answering of queries happenhere.With patients examined and diagnosed here this could be very well termed as the trouble shooting area.


Armed with professional microbiologists and pathologists, this well-kept laboratory has auto analyzers and alisa equipments, which help to identify the symptoms and decide the further course of treatment, in a manner.

Department of Ultra Sonography

With trained sonologists equipped with advanced machines comprising of 4D imaging, color doppler and excellent imaging techniques, our Ultra Sonography caters to the needs of the mothers to be as well as women with genic or infertilityworries.

The Krishna Mandir

The power that goes beyond the barriers of caste, creed & religions & touching every heart, meeting every hope and imparting ignominious strngth stands the Krishna Mandir. On the passage that leads to the operation theatre. To every patient, her loved ones and of course to the nursing home medical staff, this small passage is a source of immense strength & support.

The Operation Theatre

Its actually a complex of two major and a minor theatre all well equipped with the state-of-the-art gadgetry and above all-safe &caring hands.