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Gynaec USG Services

Gynaec USG :

Gynaecological Ultrasound :
This module covers all aspects of gynaecological ultrasound and provides a theoretical underpinning and clinical competencies.

Who the module is aimed at :
The module is available to health professionals using gynaecological ultrasound as part of their role. The cohorts are multi-disciplinary and include for example, Diagnostic Radiographers, Sonographers, Nurses and medics.

Benefits of taking the module to the individual, the organisation and the patient :
The module will allow you to develop safe practice and achieve clinical competencies in Gynaecological Ultrasound.

What you learn :
This module aims to provide the theoretical underpinning to support and compliment the practical training necessary to achieve competency in patient centred gynaecological ultrasound practice.

General areas covered :
  • Normal female pelvis and gynaecological pathologies

  • Differential diagnosis, report writing, communication of results and referral pathways the role of ultrasound and current relevant diagnostic tests, including patient management.

  • The role of the sonographer in the care of women including communication and ethical issues and patient centred care.

  • Safety aspects of diagnostic ultrasound with particular regard to appropriate guidelines.